HobDragon Staff Positions & Contributor Ranks:

The Hall of The Black Dragon is always interested in writers that would like to contribute to the experience. Articles range from business to lifestyle, discussing anything from the mundane to the taboo and while an article may not get a ton of commentary, it will get quite a number of reads. For this we will always show respect to our community by keeping things relative and fresh. If you’re a writer and wish to be published within The Hall, please see our Article Submission Guidelines page.

While our staff writers and editors continuously pump out articles within the week, we do promote our contributors through ranks and recognition (blog links within a signature is encouraged), and for aggressive writers we offer a special title chosen by the writer (and approved by us) as a contributor.

Below we have the various positions and ranks separated by article count and we invite you to contribute if you have something that needs to be said. As always, thanks for visiting our halls and we hope that your stay is a lengthy one.

Contributor Ranks:

7 –  Friend of The Hall —– 100+ (Custom Title*)
6 –
Associate Writer
 75 – 99 articles written…
5 –
Article Writer
 50 – 74 articles written…
4 –
Contributing Author 30 – 49 articles written…
3 –
Guest Writer 15 – 29 articles written…
2 –
Guest Contributor 5 – 14 articles written…
1 –
Guest Blogger 1 – 4 articles written…